Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Race and Brazil: Race and Rio Police Killing= RIOTS- into the Why, Black Men and Brazilian Women Trends, and more...

It would be awesome if this happened in America.  Americans should Riot even if a cop tazes someone for what would appear to be a good reason.  Brazil's Police White Boys are cracking down on to make the streets look clean for American/Euro Whites and Chinese Yellow folks during the Corporatist White Boy World Cup, and Ultimately the Elitist World White Corporatist Olympics for 2016.  

It's for real...

Brazil is a Racist country, one researcher states

Racist UKIP Party claims Blackface "Nigga" Dancers are not a Racist Tradition.

More White Monkey business in the 3rd World Ghetto to the North.  The UKIP is England's version of the Tea Party- a group who has formed many alliances with the Tea Party here in America.

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