Tuesday, September 30, 2014


In an Interview with the Dayton Daily News, Ohio Governor John Kasich said that "You have to respect the decision of the grand jury"

Considering the national mood on Race, and in these times- such a comment is very Racially insensitive.

This is an era where even a Conservative White Politician can't ignore Racial Sensibilities of Minorities anymore.  The Conservatives are going to have to become like the Liberals to attract Blacks, and the Liberals are going to have to become the Black Panthers/Pink Panthers in the same way the Democrats along with the Republicans were the Klan in the 1920s to even keep the Angry Young Blacks Minorities and Women that still listen to them interested.

Only a fringe Tea Party Candidate should be saying insensitive nonsense such as this.

This Injustice, Disrespect, and Insensitivity to our demands creates a climate where Ethnic Lynch Mobs reign like in the 1910s-1960s, but instead of White Lynch Mobs it will be Minority Lynch Mobs- the Flash Mobs, Knockout Games, and Gang Rape Squads are just the beginning to this Phenomenon.

Just like how the Ethnic Whites and others who demanded a ramp up in Racist Jim Crow to keep Blacks down so that more Jobs and Opportunities for them will be available.   Blacks and others might have to do the same to the Racist with an Anti-Racist Jim Crow, and chaos is what gives the policy makers impetus to make the laws how we want.

If the Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams doesn't get his Justice, as well as Beavercreek Officer David Darkow for being an equally responsible accomplice a Lynch Mob mentality will ensue.

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