Monday, July 21, 2014

Dayton Police White Boys investigate RTA Driver Rickey Wagoner for Arson, Fraud, Race War Probe.

Organizations like: Race Lies, The NAACP, SCLC, The New Black Panthers have been lobbying for the The Institutionally Racist Anti-Black Male Dayton White Police to charge Rickey Wagoner for his criminal activity.

* Wagoner 49, is being investigated for Burning Down Homes in Dayton's West Side Black Neighborhoods that he owns as rental properties.
* Wagoner owed tons of money in back property taxes to the sum of $110,086.43 to the White Montgomery County.
* Do you think Wagoner is an undercover Racist Slumlord- the real destroyers of Dayton, like Camden? These White guys with property, just abscond from their Tax and Lien obligations by burning the joints down, making the neighborhoods into slums, and collecting on the insurance money- getting richer and richer while they treat you like garbage through their White Supremacist Racist Satanic Hunger Games Police- cracking 14 year olds skulls for smoking a blunt at a bus stop and shit.

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