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Race War in the UK

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Race War in America: Police Expect Hot Button Social Issues to Trigger Race War in Tennessee.

A Black Child with a White Mother gets the attention of Haters in a nation of Hot Social Issues proves that not only White Middle Americans are Racist Hicks, but Middle America= Race War Ground Zero, a Hotel Rwanda Style Race War is coming to America with Blacks and Whites playing the Hutu and Tutsi roles, and 2008-2016= Greater than the 1960s.

However, the result of it all will be true peace and reconciliation. People will get tired of fighting each other, killing, rioting, and various other things and will want to talk and negotiate.

It must happen, because the necessary Racial Breakthroughs must be made. There are too many people both Minority and White who benefit off of the current system of keeping people divided and tribal by race and culture. There are too many people who think the current state of: Race Relations, criminal justice system- Drug War, economic disparities is just fine- "so why start trouble."


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Race War in America: Racists are Nostaligic for the Old Days at University of Wisconsin.

Racists show the Real Agenda behind the current hate from White Males, and various other Conservative forces= they want to go back to the old says of segregation, limited social programs from the government that carried out genocide against Blacks, church and corporate social programs that carried out genocide against Blacks (planned parenthood was one of these programs), ban Interracial Marriages, and more... It's definitely a Satanic Racist Conspiracy from the top down in America.

Menomonie- it just sounds like the name of a Racist Hick Town that stole the name from Natives, yet has a problem with minorities. We could imagine some Racist Cops curb stomping a Black Man in the snow and screaming, "DON'T MESS WITH THE WHITE MAN YOU'RE IN MENOMONIE YOU FUCKING NIGGER!!"

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Race War in America: Racist Child Killer Zimmerman might get Death Penalty- What Liberals are Saying.

That Boy Zimmerman is going to be made an example of.

White Boys Think Zimmerman shot a thug- Racist Gun Target Poster of Trayvon on Sale sells out within 2 days

Aww Poor Babies, got a problem with us saying "White Boys."

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Sex War in America: Lesbos Fake Hate Crime.

9-11 was a gift from God for America's approval of Homosexuality, Abortion, and Racism. America is a Christian Nation despite what our Brainwashed President says.

Homosexual loving America wears those faggoty purple shirts and various other symbols to support the homosexual cult that's trying to brainwash everybody to be gay. This Fake Hate Crime was all part of this conspiracy. The first step to be Gay is to have sympathy for Gays. Once you have sympathy for Gays, then you'll want to make Gay friends and watch Gay TV Shows, or Shows that patronage and support Gays. Next, you will want to explore your sexuality with "Bromances" = one man having anal sex and making out with your male friend. Or, you will want to explore your sexuality with your female friend and "Experiment" on licking her va-jay-jay. If you can anally fuck your best bud, or carpet munch your sistah girl's cooch then you can easily turn Gay. People Turn Gay all of the time, because they are mad at the opposite sex, experimenting, or trying to seek the benefits of a Family.

Homos aren't born Gay, but President OGayMa brainwashed by the Atheists and Humanists thinks otherwise.

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Racial Reconciliation

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Race War Prophecy

Sex War in America

"Race War for me used to be about the business of societal transformations, but after what has happened in America. It's now personal. It's been personal, but now it's super personal! GUESS IT'S TIME TO STRAP MY ROCKET LAUNCHER UP!"

- Pastor Cinque

"We live in a world that is radicalizing towards severe Islamophobia, Negrophobia, and rampant Antisemitism! What's even more insane, is this kind of White Hate Talk from Conservatives is allowed, where A Racist is now someone who accuses a Conservative of Racism against Minorities.

Because I accuse Whites of Racism I'm now considered an Anti-White Racist Black Man, which obviously makes us here on Race Lies public enemy #1 of the Racists. We say good, we're doing our jobs. Thought you Racists wanted the Black Man to work?"

Bro Free

"A Racist is now someone who calls a Conservative out on their Racism."

"They talk about a Black Entitlement Mentality, but what about the White Entitlement Mentality we call White Privilege?"

"Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1."
Charles Gallagher, sociologist

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