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Race War in the UK

Friday, May 4, 2012

Financial Party Crashers: Global Elite loses 168.32 Points on the Dow Today- Worst week of 2012 so far, YAY!!

We wish it was a loss of 1683.2 points on the Dow, but we guess it's a start as the truth about this false economy becomes unveiled. The Jobs report is a lie dressed up by the powers that be to not cause panic as they want you sheep to be calm while they herd you for the coming slaughter of the Global Elite's Greatest Depression by design. Private Investors are greedy and selfish White Guys, who think that by hoarding all of their money while hoping to make a few last pennies before the crash will save them.

Starting this month God is allowing the Devil to work in America, because America has entertained the interests of Satan. God has had it with this country not giving people a fair shake, while the rich get richer. He has also had it with the Racism and Discrimination of this country, and he has really had it with the Christians who deny America is Racist and Classcist, because they live in a dream world of positive thinking and Conservative Propaganda as well as Liberal Obamapologist Propaganda.

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Race War in America: Stylist sues Racist Posh Global Elite Salon for Discrimination against Blacks, Latinos.

The Ritzy world of the Global Elite is very Racist towards Blacks and Latinos, indicated by a top down Racial Caste System in America, and all over the world.

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Race War in the UK: Racist White Thug Smashes Store, Punches Owner, says "Go back to your own country."

Dangerous White Thug engages in Racist attack against South Asian in UK

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Racial Reconciliation

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Race War Prophecy

Sex War in America

"Race War for me used to be about the business of societal transformations, but after what has happened in America. It's now personal. It's been personal, but now it's super personal! GUESS IT'S TIME TO STRAP MY ROCKET LAUNCHER UP!"

- Pastor Cinque

"We live in a world that is radicalizing towards severe Islamophobia, Negrophobia, and rampant Antisemitism! What's even more insane, is this kind of White Hate Talk from Conservatives is allowed, where A Racist is now someone who accuses a Conservative of Racism against Minorities.

Because I accuse Whites of Racism I'm now considered an Anti-White Racist Black Man, which obviously makes us here on Race Lies public enemy #1 of the Racists. We say good, we're doing our jobs. Thought you Racists wanted the Black Man to work?"

Bro Free

"A Racist is now someone who calls a Conservative out on their Racism."

"They talk about a Black Entitlement Mentality, but what about the White Entitlement Mentality we call White Privilege?"

"Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1."
Charles Gallagher, sociologist

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