Sunday, January 1, 2012

Entertainment on Race Lies: Eddie Griffin Comedy- Obama "Puppet on a String."

Obama is a Rothschilds puppet and a CIA Agent bringing "change" to America. Some of this change will be good and necessary, and a lot of this change will be about more control. The Healthcare Bill, NDAA, SOPA, and PIPA are measures of control. The Racial Reconciliation and Class Reconciliation programs that will occur in his second term will be good and necessary, as well as a New Deal era style program that will be designed to at least get some money into some people's pockets.

Like it or not, the NWO may be a bad thing but sometimes out of bad comes good. We're sorry to say, but we have to use the NWO to get the ultimate prize. We can't stop them from pushing their program, but we can bring positive things to the world, and go to great and even extreme lengths to bring hard truth that people will need to prepare their lives accordingly as the world changes.

Race War in Canada: Another Canadian Hockey Race Incident- White Player Calls Black Player a Nigger in Hockey fight.

Canada continues to prove to be another Neo-Confederate Neo-Dixie on the ice as yet another Player continues to incite Race trouble against Blacks.

Welcome to 2012, as the people with their provocative gestures and rhetoric gear up for Racial Armageddon in North America. While on the other hand, a Racial Holocaust is in the making in Europe as Immigrants of Color are being held in camps. All in the backdrop of a Global economic collapse.

Anti Man Agenda: Snooki- and the "White Diva" Agenda. Self respecting Jionni rightfully Dumps her for lewdness, gets demonized as the bad guy.

Jersey Shore's Snooki a Global Elite wannabe "White Diva teacher" (she's really Hispanic- not Italian) of hedonism dances and acts like a bar whore showing her puss and boobs on TV right in front of her Boyfriend's face she claims to love.

Anti Man Agenda: Bobby Hammer's Man Rants "Legalization of Weed and Prostitution, Pills and Alcohol=Evil."

Pills and Alcohol have been proven to significantly lower male testosterone levels, however the Satanic Global Elite wants this to happen as they want men to be reduced to boys and Women. A Very Good Man Rant.