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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Real Men Crave Big Booty: xoJane's 31 Hot Sexy Fatkinis- My Way for the Brothas.

Mujera y Latina.

Brother Free's Fat Yummies
Brother Free Race Lies, CEO

Most of the "Fat" girls shown in XOJane's "31 Hot Sexy Fat Girls in Skimpy Swimwear" are what I consider like "Fat" for White Guys.

Yeah, I said it- "Fat for White Guys."

The truth is the American White Male, and even increasingly the American Black Male has been undergoing a brainwashing by the Global Elite's Corporate One Percenter Madison Avenue skinny paper thin Kooch Whore culture. The media brainwashes men to be attracted to Disgusting Shills in scantily clad garments as the ultimate picture of sexuality. I digress however, because we have already discussed these topics in depth in reference to Michelle Obama's Flat Booty and insane fitness routine before.

Who cares though, because this article is all about the meat, and is dedicated to all of the Big Girl Lovers who adore the Big Booty.

My Fav Xojane Fatkini Pics:

I Like Shawna because she has all of the meat in the right places. Plus she has that smile with a little bit of goof, but cute. Oh, and I'm a sucker for red heads on the White Girls.

Do you like?

Sarah looks like a naughty fat girl ready to have fun. Suitors should be ready for a ball of fun.

Kali reminds me a lot like my fiance on the body department. Yummmmmm.....

Chastity reminds me of a chick I used to be with. She has that innocent yet classy look. The Brothas here on Race Lies are admirers of her um... pear shaped lower booty (oooops.. body).

A sampling of sexy Yum Yums for all of the Big Girl Lovers.

What do you think?

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