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Race War in the UK

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Race War in the UK: 115 Racist Attacks in UK Schools Happen every Day- UK Minorities should follow their American cousins.

We know for a fact that White Racism in Europe is reaching epidemic proportions, and soon the Whites in Europe following the wave of coming Racist leaders will do something they will later regret- a New Age Holocaust of people of color. We have already recommended that Minorities in Europe should move here to America to be backed by the power of the American Minority. However, we here on Race Lies are determined to establish the UK as a beach head in Europe for an Anti Racist Resistance that will take on all comers. Are you going to Martin Luther King your way to an EU FEMA Train and just ignore the Racism or use non-violent resistance which is proven to not work until it's too late, or are you going to fight it head on like your American Cousins are right now?

A UK Department for Education Spokesman said, "There is no room in civilised, modern society for racism." The Truth is sir, Modern Civilized Society is Racist, and we have to crack down hard on it- with Militancy, and exterminate it like the cancerous cockroach it is.

UK Kids
Follow your American Cousins:

- American Black Kids whoop American White Kids asses in American schools everyday even if they aren't being racist to them.
- Black Kids in America beat up on White Cops, others.
- American Latino Kids will fight White Kids on the drop of a hat- even over an American Flag.

Come on UK Kids.

Are you going to continue to allow them to call you Gollys, Pakis, and Niggers while they whoop your asses?

Fuck No!!


Minority Kids in the UK Attacked by Whites in School Daily
Rob Preece
Daily Mail

More than 115 racist incidents were recorded in Britain's schools every day between 2007 and 2011, with four in five teachers saying they had seen pupils being abused.

Data from 90 local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales shows there were almost 88,000 cases of racist bullying, which can include name calling and physical abuse.

Charities and teaching unions fear the figure is just 'the tip of the iceberg', but a body campaigning for better standards in schools believes the number may have been 'inflated' because teachers felt pressured into reporting incidents which were merely playground banter.

Problem: Almost 88,000 racist incidents were recorded in Britain's schools between April 2007 and March 2011.

The Department for Education (DfE) said there was no room in modern society for racism, and that schools have powers to deal with abusive pupils.
The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that some parts of the UK saw incidents rise by more than 40 per cent in three years.

Local authorities recorded 87,915 cases between April 2007 and March 2011 - more than 115 a day after weekends and school holidays are discounted.

Birmingham recorded the highest number at 5,752, followed by Leeds with 4,690.

Meanwhile, Carmarthenshire in South Wales saw only five cases.
The data, obtained by the BBC Asian Network, was published only three months after it emerged that a school in Hull had conducted a racism investigation into comments made in the playground by a seven-year-old boy.
More...'Anti-racist' group arrested after 18-strong mob attacked 'white supremacists' with hammers at Chicago restaurant
Headteacher and male colleague at school for excluded children kissed then repeatedly punched each other in drunken row at station

Elliott Dearlove asked whether a fellow Griffin Primary School pupil, who was four at the time, was 'brown because he's from Africa'.

The problem also affects teachers. In March, an employment tribunal heard that a 'playground mafia' of racist parents were involved in a campaign to oust an Indian headmistress from a primary school.

Sudhana Singh, a teacher with 20 years experience, told the hearing that she experienced 'deeply rooted racist views' when she took over as headteacher of Moorlands Primary School in Reading, Berkshire.

The tribunal, which has been adjourned and is expected to resume later this year, heard that a supporter of the head was branded a 'Paki lover'.

Following the inquiry into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, the Labour government said schools must monitor and report all incidents of racist abuse to their local authority.

However, the coalition Government changed the guidance in 2010 and schools now have no duty to record and report the data.

Storm: Elliott Dearlove with his mother, Hayley White. Comments he made to a mixed-race pupil in the playground were investigated by his school

Between 2007 and 2010 - the last year that heads had an obligation to record cases - the number of incidents reported annually by schools rose from 22,285 to 23,971.
Areas including Luton, Oldham, Croydon, Bedford and Middlesbrough saw increases of 40 per cent or more over that period.
Sarah Soyei, of the anti-racism charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRRC) said: 'Unfortunately, the numbers of recorded racist incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

'Racism is a very real issue in many classrooms around the country, but cases of racist bullying are notoriously under-reported.

'Often teachers may not be aware of racism in their classrooms because victims are scared of reporting them out of fear of making the situation worse.'

Many local authorities said the increase in cases was due to better recording methods, but SSRC say discrimination against Muslims, eastern Europeans, gypsies and travellers is a growing problem.

Abuse: Headteacher Sudhana Singh claimed that she experienced 'deeply rooted racist views'

A survey by the charity found that 83 per cent of teachers had witnessed racist behaviour among their pupils.

Many teachers felt there were 'strong racist attitudes' among pupils, the charity said.

SRRC criticised the Government for removing the obligation for schools to report incidents.

It said: 'Recording racist incidents is nothing to do with labelling and punishing young people.

'Recording racist incidents means that schools are able to identify patterns; do incidents rise in response to particular local or national events?

'Are the incidents all of a particular nature or between specific groups of young people?

'It helps schools to identify whether any strategies that they have put in place are having an effect and to identify whether there are any specific training needs for staff or pupils.

'Young people need to be educated in order for them to reject prejudice and help them to understand why racist attitudes and behaviours are wrong.

'Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it creates a school environment where young people know that they will be taken seriously, where all young people feel valued and racism and discrimination are not accepted.
Areas where the number of racist incidents recorded soared by 40 per cent or more in three years:





Nick Seaton, secretary of the Campaign for Real Education, a body which calls for increased standards in schools, said he believed the figures were 'inflated' because teachers felt pressured into reporting incidents which might be merely playground banter.
He said: 'I think we do get incidents of racism but a lot of young children don't necessarily understand the implications of what they are saying.
'They insult each other naturally and that is part of growing up, I suppose.
'Undoubtedly teachers are having to cover themselves by having to report every possible incident, which I am sure inflates the figures.
'There should be more common sense throughout the system and teachers should use their discretion much more.
'I am sure they know if a youngster is responsible for a genuine racist incident or whether what they have said is just playground banter.'
Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: 'The impact of racial abuse can be devastating.
Concerned: Union leader Russell Hobby said the impact of racial abuse could be 'devastating'
'Schools need to remain places of optimism and belonging for every student.
'We urge our members to go beyond recording, reporting and compliance, to really focus on the culture and ethos of the school and its community to tackle incidents of racial abuse head on.
'It's hugely disappointing to hear the figure of 88,000 recorded racist incidents in our schools.'

Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, told the BBC: 'These numbers are disappointingly high - we would really hope this is not the tip of the iceberg.

'Clearly were would not want any cases of racist abuse or racism in any of our schools.'

A DfE spokesman said the guidance to record incidents had been withdrawn because the sheer volume of reports gave local authorities less time to investigate the most serious cases.

She added: 'There is no room in civilised, modern society for racism.

'Schools have tough powers to crackdown on abusive and badly behaved pupils - as well as clear responsibility to teach tolerance and respect for others.

'Heads and teachers are professional enough never to be complacent in dealing with this issue – parents and pupils expect them to remain vigilant and step in to prevent it whenever it occurs.'


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