Friday, May 25, 2012

Class War in Canada: Quebec- the people are rising up. A Maple Spring?

A Racist and Classcist Dictatorship is developing in our neighbor to the North. Canadian Gen Ys have had enough and are protesting hikes in student fees in the beginning of a "Maple Spring." Soon the Racist Dictator Stephen Harper and his Tea Party like Austerity measures will be ousted. This Terrorist Quebec Premier has passed Bill 78 stamping on Canadian Constitutional Rights- this makes NDAA look like nothing. The people of Quebec have lost their right to freedom of assembly, and freedom to protest. Over 1000 Students have been arrested in Canada since this bill. Will the Fascist Stephen Harper get such a bill passed for all of Canada as he seeks to implement the Satanic One Percenter American Tea Party like Austerity measures?

Only time will tell.

The Tea Party may not be a Worldwide Movement like Occupy, but the values remain the same all over, disguised as different named parties, political leaders, and Austerity platforms.

It's all the Same- Genocidal Austerity that will hurt so bad that it will Kill People: The Tea Party and all other Champions of Austerity are nothing but a Satanic Death Cult who have grown to become so mad they believe they are their own God.

- They are charging more for services (Double in many cases).
- They want you to pay significantly higher taxes.
- They want to introduce Carbon Taxes (Essentially a Tax on everything that's carbon- even you for breathing).
- They want to push the police to get more tickets (a fascist shakedown of the masses).

It's the same story all over the world whether it's America with Click it or Ticket, Canada with University Rate Hikes, and the imposition of Carbon Taxes and even a Fat Tax.

The people have had enough.

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