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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rev. Wright is Right: Whites are tricked into supporting a Climate of Oppression makes them "Arrogant, Ignorant."

We Love Rev. Wright because he speaks truth, and also because the Racist Global Elite media has turned him into a villainous Black Demagogue.

The Sad and Uncomfortable Truth that America doesn't want to admit.

As we have said before, Whites in America are blamed for going into the voting booth and voting for those who do bad things to people of color. Whites in America are also blamed for supporting a Media culture that is a liar. Also, Whites in America have a superior attitude of a False Racial Pride even painting the picture that Jesus was White. Many Whites in America have a superior mindset in the way they talk to Blacks, that "Oh you little people" attitude when respecting our point of view, facts, and opinions.

Blacks are mad at a lot more than Slavery, don't believe what that Liar Conservative Media tells you. Just letting you know right now, before you say "What are you people so angry about" when LA, NYC, DC, Chicago, Cincinnati, etc.. are burning.

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"We live in a world that is radicalizing towards severe Islamophobia, Negrophobia, and rampant Antisemitism! What's even more insane, is this kind of White Hate Talk from Conservatives is allowed, where A Racist is now someone who accuses a Conservative of Racism against Minorities.

Because I accuse Whites of Racism I'm now considered an Anti-White Racist Black Man, which obviously makes us here on Race Lies public enemy #1 of the Racists. We say good, we're doing our jobs. Thought you Racists wanted the Black Man to work?"

Bro Free

"A Racist is now someone who calls a Conservative out on their Racism."

"They talk about a Black Entitlement Mentality, but what about the White Entitlement Mentality we call White Privilege?"

"Paul Kersey talks about a Black Ruling Class Race War, leading up to the rise of a Black Ran America. I know, we're part of it, and if that makes us guilty conspirators fit for hanging, then put the noose around our proud necks, White Boy!"

Bro Free

"Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1."
Charles Gallagher, sociologist

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