Saturday, April 14, 2012

Race War in the UK: Sheriff in Scotland Orders Racist to take a Course.

Homeland Security/TSA Train ready to pick up Christians, Minorities, Truthers, and various other Undesirables in the future, more so in Europe than in America with the way the Racial situation is going in Europe. American Blacks may think the Europeans are less Racist than American Whites, but as more Blacks, Arabs, Eastern Europeans flood into Western and Southern Europe Racism is not only on the rise, but soon the powers that in these nations will propose the Final Solution on all "non-Europeans."

Racism is on the Rise in Scotland like the rest of Europe, and as a result many Authorities in Europe have been sentencing Racists to take various sensitivity courses. Most Racial sensitivity courses suck, not because they attack White people. On the contrary, they don't challenge White people enough. Also, many of these Racial sensitivity courses are nothing more than glorified cultural anthropology classes where they push mostly basic cultural information on those who are different than each other. In which case, many Racists are smart enough already to know this basic cultural information about their supposed enemy. In fact, in the case of Racist Whites, they know more about Blacks than many supposed White Liberals do.

It's not about knowing about someone, it's about knowing someone of a different race and getting to experience their lifestyle their culture, their ways.

Let's be real man, as a Black man who gives a fuck if I know about White Middle Americans and Hillbillies via their their culture from a book or a movie. I want to really know them, touch them, break bread with them, etc...

That's how you end Racism, you bring people together, force them out of their comfort zones, if they clash let them sort it out, and then bring about reconciliation and a learning process.

Whatever, because you'll continue to listen to the BS that never works, and then have the nerve to wonder why is there a Race War.

Minorities and Whites especially Blacks and Whites have race issues so deep that we can't deal with a common enemy until we deal with ourselves. How are we going to be able to take down the Globalists when many Whites still think I'm a Nigger, and many Blacks still think you're a bunch of White ass Crackers?

But, don't listen to me. I'm just a College Educated Black Nigger who doesn't know what he's talking about.

- Bro Free..

Race Class- is the Bloake's sentence who called an African a Black Bastard.
The Scottsman

A RACIST has been ordered to take a course to change his attitude towards black people.

John Bage, 34, caused alarm and distress to Steven Ikpeoha by calling him a “black b******”, Livingston Sheriff Court heard.

He made the comment within earshot of two police officers and was arrested on the spot near his home in Whitburn, West Lothian, on March 17.

Bage appeared for sentence yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to acting in a racially aggravated manner.

Julia McLaren, prosecuting, said police heard the accused being abusive towards Mr Ikpeoha and told him to calm down.

He reacted by making the racist remark.

Iain Smith, defending, said Bage had been wrongly accused.

He said: “He was just walking past because he had taken a short cut. He accepts he was abusive.”

Sheriff Martin Edington told him: “This offence – like all of its kind – is a somewhat unpleasant offence.

“I think you’d benefit from some work on your attitude.”

He sentenced Bage to a nine-month community payback order yesterday

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