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Race War in the UK

Friday, April 13, 2012

Race War in America: White Racists have the balls to Come to the Hood Shoot Fireworks/Mortars at Blacks, Yell Racial Slurs- sentencing.

White Gangbanger Tennessee Hillbilly Thugs looking for Race War in the Projects get sentenced. In most Projects if you tried that you would get blasted; dump a cartridge in that ass. Come on, try it in Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, and any project in Texas, Florida, and Ohio next time- see what happens. It's official Middle America from Ohio to Arizona from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border is Race War Ground Zero.

Jail for White Racial Fatwa in Middle America

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., April 12 (UPI) -- Two Tennessee men who yelled racial slurs before firing mortar-style fireworks at African-Americans were sentenced to a year in federal prison Thursday.

A third defendant was placed on probation.

The U.S. Justice Department said Kyle C. Montgomery, 23, and James Smiley, 27, both of Chattanooga, were also ordered to serve three years of supervised release after completing their time behind bars. Colton L. Partin, 22, of Apison was sentenced to 18 months probation, including six months home confinement.

The defendants, who pleaded guilty in January, also are to perform 300 hours of community service.

Federal authorities said the trio repeatedly drove by a group of at least four blacks who were on a porch at East Lake Courts public housing in the early morning hours of July 9, yelling racial slurs and shooting fireworks at them.

While none of the targeted individuals were injured, one blast shattered an apartment window. One explosion was caught on video.

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- Pastor Cinque

"We live in a world that is radicalizing towards severe Islamophobia, Negrophobia, and rampant Antisemitism! What's even more insane, is this kind of White Hate Talk from Conservatives is allowed, where A Racist is now someone who accuses a Conservative of Racism against Minorities.

Because I accuse Whites of Racism I'm now considered an Anti-White Racist Black Man, which obviously makes us here on Race Lies public enemy #1 of the Racists. We say good, we're doing our jobs. Thought you Racists wanted the Black Man to work?"

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