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Friday, April 20, 2012

Race War in America: Racially Motivated Death Penalty decision Overturned in Racist Hillbilly North Carolina- Hanging of a Black man stops.

Racist Scum at work again under the auspices of "Justice."

As far as we're concerned, a draconian sentence such as life without parole is still hanging a Black Man as much as the death penalty is.
Race Lies Staff

The fake Liberals of the Global Elite lobby for these penalty "Reductions" thinking that many of you would be stupid enough to say "Hey Life without Parole is better than Execution." Guess what, in America we do corrections; as in we correct people while in prison so that they can be free and productive members of society one day. Life without parole, Death Penalty, or any sentence more than 20 years in prison is not corrections- it's warehousing. Talk about budget deficits, if we had a Criminal Justice system that actually corrected people like intended as opposed to warehousing them forever we could save a lot of money. Then again, the Global Elite will not engage in such things because they want to control the Black population, and warehousing Black men in jail for more than 20 years is an effective way to engage in Black population control by keeping the Black Penis and seed off of the streets. Also, this serves multi-purposes by creating Racial Tension and Animosity, as well as take down America by bankrupting it, and creating enough anger for Race Wars.

Like it or not, but Black Men in Prison backed by Conservative criminal justice policy is as much a form of population control as Planned Parenthood Open Birth Control and Abortion policy supported by Liberals, or Genocidal "Starve you to Death" Smaller Government Austerity measures backed by Libertarians is.

Let's face the facts, Liberals, Libertarians, and Conservatives are all out to get Blacks, and when the Shit Hits The Fan- a Smart Black Man shouldn't take sides.

No, a Smart Black Man would either stay out of it, or work on attacking the Racist Scum Operatives of the Global Elite i.e. Law Enforcement, Hate Groups- KKK/Neo-Nazis, the Media, as well as the Financial Institutions, Companies and Governments that are proud and proven to not hire large numbers of Black men, Companies and Governments that are proud and proven to not admit large numbers of Black men in programs to better their lives.

Remember, the enemy is not the average: White, Latino, Asian, Black, or Native original Person.

The Enemy is the system of everything.


Hillbillies Attempt to Hang a Black Man down in North Carolina Unsuccessful but still Successful- "Judge Race was a factor."
Emery P. Dalesio and Janet Cappiello
AP via Yahoo

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A condemned killer's trial was so tainted by the racially influenced decisions of prosecutors that he should be removed from death row and serve a life sentence, a judge ruled Friday in a precedent-setting North Carolina decision.

Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks' decision in the case of Marcus Robinson comes in the first test of a 2009 state law that allows death row prisoners and capital murder defendants to challenge their sentences or prosecutors' decisions with statistics and other evidence beyond documents or witness testimony.

Only Kentucky has a law like North Carolina's Racial Justice Act, which says the prisoner's sentence is reduced to life in prison without parole if the claim is successful.

"The Racial Justice Act represents a landmark reform in capital sentencing in our state," Weeks said in Fayetteville on Friday. "There are those who disagree with this, but it is the law."

Race played a "persistent, pervasive and distorting role" in jury selection and couldn't be explained other than that "prosecutors have intentionally discriminated" against Robinson and other capital defendants statewide, Weeks said. Prosecutors eliminated black jurors more than twice as often as white jurors, according to a study by two Michigan State University law professors Weeks said he found highly reliable.

Robinson's case is the first of more than 150 pending cases to get an evidentiary hearing before a judge. Prosecutors said they planned to challenge Weeks' decision, and District Attorney Billy West declined further comment.

Weeks ruled race was a factor in prosecution decisions to reject potential black jurors before the murder trial of Robinson, a black man convicted of killing a white teenager in 1991. The jury that convicted Robinson had nine whites, two blacks and one American Indian.

Robinson and co-defendant Roderick Williams Jr. were convicted of murdering 17-year-old Erik Tornblom after the teen gave his killers a ride from a Fayetteville convenience store. Tornblom was forced to drive to a field, where he was shot with a sawed-off shotgun.

Robinson came close to death in January 2007, but a judge blocked his scheduled execution. Williams is serving a life sentence.

Nearly a dozen members of Tornblom's family left the courtroom without commenting. Robinson's mother, Shirley Burns, said she would advocate for the law, which a new Republican majority in the state's General Assembly is trying to eliminate.

"Everybody is not guilty, everybody is not innocent, but at least be fair," Burns said after the ruling. "It wasn't all about Marcus. It's about anyone who suffers discrimination."

Central to Robinson's case was the Michigan State University study. It reported that, of almost 160 people on North Carolina's death row, 31 had all-white juries, and 38 had only one person of color.

Study co-author and Michigan State professor Barbara O'Brien told a North Carolina legislative panel last month the review of more than 7,400 potential capital jurors couldn't find anything other than race to explain why potential black jurors were rejected by prosecutors more than twice as often as whites.

Robinson defense attorney James Ferguson of Charlotte told Weeks, who decided the case without a jury, that the study showed race was a significant factor in almost every one of North Carolina's prosecutorial districts as prosecutors decided to challenge and eliminate black jurors.

"This case is important because it provides an opportunity for all of us to recognize that race far too often has been a significant factor in jury selection in capital cases," Ferguson said when the hearing opened in January.

Union County prosecutor Jonathan Perry, who helped the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office argue the case against Robinson, said the study was untrustworthy because it was based on a too-limited sample of death penalty cases to provide meaningful results. The study also failed to detect numerous nonracial reasons that a person might be struck from a jury, Perry said.

The Republican-led Legislature tried to repeal the Racial Justice Act earlier this year, but lawmakers failed to override a veto by Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat.

In 1998, Kentucky was the first state to enact a similar law. But the American Bar Association said in a report it was unclear exactly how often it has been used except for during the 2003 trial of an African-American man accused of kidnapping and killing his ex-girlfriend, who was white. In that case, the defendant's lawyers used the Kentucky Racial Justice Act during jury selection to include questions that would address the issue of racial discrimination. The defendant, Nathaniel Wood, was convicted of wanton murder and other crimes and sentenced to life in prison without parole.


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