Thursday, March 1, 2012

Race War in South Africa: White Terrorist Training Camp Discovered- caught teaching young boys to hate Blacks (Kafirs).

White Racialists and Various other Terrorists teach young White Boys to Hate Kafirs (Blacks) in South Africa, as some Whites in South Africa falsely continue to remain paranoid in their own country they now share with their Black Brothers. Of course South Africa has some very Racist and dangerous Blacks, but being a White Racist Terrorist is not the way to do things; our South African White Brothers. The Global Elite plans on creating so much chaos in South Africa that Racist terrorists would gain power, and commit genocide on anybody who doesn't follow the Global Elite's agenda. The question is will they be Black Terrorists or White Terrorists? However, that doesn't really matter does it, because Racism under any shade is evil and Satanic.


White 'Hate camp' must be probed: DA
Pretoria News

The Human Rights Commission should investigate reports that a youth camp in Mpumalanga was training boys to hate blacks, the DA said on Friday.

“This training includes firearm handling and political indoctrination designed to foster racial hatred,” said spokesman Mmusi Maimane.

The camp outside Carolina, called Kommandokorps, claims to have trained over 1500 boys.

The Mail & Guardian newspaper reported that boys – aged between 13 and 19 – were told that black people were the most under-developed, barbaric members of the human race. The boys heard that blacks had a smaller cerebral cortex and therefore could not use their initiative or govern properly.

Maimane said it would ask the SAHRC to investigate whether the activities at the camp were legal. It would ask whether hate crimes had been perpetrated, how the group received its weapons, and how the boys were recruited.

“The tragic farm murders that have rocked parts of the country in recent weeks have understandably made people fearful and angry,” said Maimane.

“But racist organisations such as this are not the solution to the legitimate concerns that rural South Africans have for their safety.”

According to the newspaper, the camp's leader, Franz Jooste, 57, claimed it would take him an hour to eradicate any ideas the boys might have about being part of a rainbow nation. But he denied trying to force them in any particular direction.

“All we want to do is channel the feeling they already carry within them. We don't want them to hate.”

One of the boys told the newspaper before the camp he thought people got along “pretty well” in South Africa and that racism had to be fought. Afterwards, he said there was a war being waged between blacks and whites and that a lot of blood would flow.

Another said at the start he was excited about getting to play with his paintball gun, that he did not like racism and had two black friends.

At the end of the nine-day camp, he said he had been taught to hate black people, that they killed everyone who crossed their path, and that he rejected his friends. – Sapa

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