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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Race War in America: Wow, Black College Student Killed by Cops- 911 Caller Arrested for Profiling/w. Black Man Rant

Another Racist Cop Killing, but Cops Blame Killing on 911 Caller.

It's time to Provoke the Cops to Trouble
Brother Free- Race Lies CEO

Sure, the 911 caller in the case below has overblown the facts in order to get swift justice after his robbery, but it still doesn't change the fact that the Global Elite's Racist Police still shot another unarmed Black Man for Nothing. Kendrec McDade was another Black man trying hard to become something of himself, but the Police thought he was just another Nigger to gun down. 911 Callers who call against Blacks, can be Racist, and this seems to be the case- BUT THE POLICE STILL SHOT THIS YOUNG MAN!!!

Essentially, the police were given a description of 2 Black men in a robbery, and they stopped the wrong guys and one false move made by Mr. McDade= "Pow, Nigger you're dead." This has happened so many times, it's not funny, and many Blacks resent Whites because we feel that Whites voted in this Zero Tolerance Criminal Justice crap to oppress Blacks. I used to hate Whites or "Fucking Crackers" as I used to say, because I felt their actions in the voting booth hurt people like myself. However, realizing the truth about how the Global Elite use the Hegelian Dialectic to not divide people- that wouldn't be correct as we are already divided; more like keep people from uniting. I can see that Whites have allowed the Global Elite to lock up their minds to do things that hurt people all in the name of glorified principles as opposed to experience.

In many cases Blacks are right however, as Whites have been brainwashed by the Global Elite to vote in Criminal Justice Conservatives and Centrists who have turned America into a jackboot police State over the past 40 years.

- Nixon truly began the Drug War on a national level.
- Regan Ramped up the Drug War
- Daddy Bush became Fascist with all kinds of new Criminal Justice provisions, and stepped up Regan's Drug War.
- Clinton/Gore plotted an anti Black Genocide agenda using new draconian drug laws that kept 20 year old Black men in jail until they were 50-60 years of age, as well as pushing Hispanic street gangs in once Black Communities as Trojan horses to drive the Blacks out and start a future Race war between Blacks and Hispanics that would result in both groups, especially Blacks being put in FEMA camps- now called Department of Homeland Security Detention facilities.
- Dumbaya Bush added the Terrorism effect to the whole Drug War linking drugs to terrorism, using the Patriot Act to indiscriminately and unconstitutionally profile and arrest Blacks in a manner never seen before, while at the same time running his own Fast and Furious operation.
- Obama is now using the hate generated by years of such criminal justice policy to his political ends, as opposed to using this hate to bring about a better America for all people and be an example to the world on how a nation can eradicate Racism. In fact, Obama is just another Drug War Shill, who is continuing Bush's Drugs= Terror program.

The Drug war is essentially a Ponzi scheme to create a Race War, and destabilize America to the point to where America will lose it's National Sovereignty. It's too late, America has taken so long to do what's right about this problem that it has blown it. Say hello to the American Federation of Canada United States and Mexico; not now but it will happen within the next 10 years.

Oh, and by the way a Drug Lord from the Sinaloa Drug Cartel says "Thanks for the Drug war: Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama" for making him a wealthy Billionaire.

It's obvious they want to Detain and Kill us Blacks, and as a result we have to fight against the powers that be or we die- and soon. I'd rather fight and or die than to just let them round me up.

Too bad the Police as well as the Global Elite's media aren't putting the responsibility of this heinous act on the actual cop who shot Mr. McDade. If you think Trayvon's story was something to rally against, wait until you hear what the Racist Police Did to Kendrec McDade.

The Police in this country continue to try to start Riots with Blacks, and if they keep this up they will surely get their wish. It seems as if the Blacks VS Police Civil War will continue for the at least the rest of the year.

This goes towards the posturing argument many Black men bring up about the police. When dealing with the police, many Black men feel that they have to keep a posture of near surrender, while others like myself take a more Militant get out of the car "Is there a Motherfucking Problem Cop" approach to see if I can goad (provoke) one of these Racist Cops into a fight.

Most of the time it works resulting in a tussle, and because of the manner the cops approached me I get off, since quite frankly the cops in most cases are not legally allowed to approach you like that- a Civil Rights violation. You cops reading this know you're wrong and nothing but Civil Rights violators when you draw guns on suspects.

If more Black Men took a more militant non-racist but sensible approach with the police like THE OLD BLACK PANTHERS (not new), then the cops will be forced to submit to the will of the people. Not just Black men, but everybody should be more militant with the police as well.

-Brother Free

Racist Cops Kills Black College Student- Blames 911 Caller for their Actions.
AP Via Yahoo

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Oscar Carrillo's 911 call was clear: Two young men just robbed him of his computer and backpack. At least one of them had a gun and it was pointed in Carrillo's face.

Moments later, police caught up with two teens they believed were the thieves in a Pasadena alleyway. When one of them, Kendrec McDade, made a move at his waistband, an officer opened fire, killing the 19-year-old college student, authorities said.

No weapons or the stolen items have been found.

Now, police are laying part of the blame for the fatal shooting on Carrillo, who they say admitted that he lied about the men being armed so officers would respond faster. "The actions of the 911 caller set the minds of the officers," police Chief Phillip Sanchez said.

As the nation focuses on the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watchman, the police shooting in Pasadena raises more questions about the role and responsibility of those who report or witness crimes.

While experts say it's not uncommon for people to exaggerate the circumstances of a crime — especially if they are the victim — most are unaware about the importance of their role in an emergency response and the potential consequences.

"Lots of people's lives are in jeopardy," said Joseph Pollini, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. "If you make a bogus call, you may be taking away from something where someone else's life is in danger."

Pollini said the Pasadena case is a good example of holding people accountable.

"To a certain degree he (Carrillo) is liable for what he caused the police to do what they did," Pollini said. "There should be a thorough investigation."

Caree Harper, an attorney representing McDade's family, said arresting Carrillo may be an attempt by police to shift blame away from the officers. Harper added that Carrillo should be prosecuted for filing a false police report.

"However, he didn't pull the trigger and the officers can use discretion," she said. "They can't blame the caller because they shot an unarmed black man."

Calls seeking comment from police on Thursday were not immediately returned.

Carrillo has been arrested for investigation of involuntary manslaughter. Prosecutors are weighing whether to file charges. The juvenile with McDade was charged with two counts of commercial burglary, one count of grand theft and one count of failure to register as a gang member as a condition of his probation.

Police said the teens matched descriptions provided by Carrillo, witnesses and surveillance footage.

Scott Thorpe, of the California District Attorneys Association, said he's not aware of any cases in the state where prosecutors have filed charges against someone for the consequences of a false 911 call.

On the call, the dispatcher asked: "Do they have any weapons?"

"Yeah, they have a gun," Carrillo replied.

McDade was spotted in an alley about two blocks from the spot where Carrillo told police he'd been robbed, Sanchez said. McDade ran from police until an officer used the police cruiser to block his path in an alley and rolled down his window, authorities said.

McDade made the motion at his waistband and the officer opened fire, police said. A second officer who was chasing McDade on foot also opened fire. McDade, a Citrus College student and a high school football standout, died at a nearby hospital.

One state lawmaker compared McDade's shooting to that of Martin's. Martin, who also is black, was killed last month during a confrontation with George Zimmerman. Martin was walking home from the store. Zimmerman said the 17-year-old Martin attacked him.

Police haven't charged Zimmerman, who has a white father and Hispanic mother. That has set off widespread public outrage and protests across the country.

Pasadena police haven't released the officers' names or their ethnicities.

Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, said that like the Martin case, the Pasadena shooting highlights the need for a continuing discussion about racial profiling.

"The bigger picture is bias and racism," said Mitchell, secretary of the Legislative Black Caucus. "And while the particulars of the two cases may be different — while the perpetrator who actually fired the weapon may be different — the fact of the matter is two young black men are dead."

The Los Angeles County of Independent Review will investigate McDade's shooting, Sanchez said.

Pasadena police accepted many of that agency's recommendations two years ago in connection with the fatal shooting of Leroy Barnes Jr. Police acknowledged they incorrectly reported that Barnes fired his gun at officers before being shot during a traffic stop. Barnes was killed in the backseat of his car during a struggle over a gun, police said.

Harper, the McDade family attorney, said she is considering filing a federal civil rights lawsuit but will hold off on any decisions until a full investigation is done.

"We will let the police do their investigation but we are mindful of the facts as they stand now are suspicious," Harper said. "To continue to perpetrate the story they are giving only exacerbates the family's emotional distress."



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Because I accuse Whites of Racism I'm now considered an Anti-White Racist Black Man, which obviously makes us here on Race Lies public enemy #1 of the Racists. We say good, we're doing our jobs. Thought you Racists wanted the Black Man to work?"

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