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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Truth about China: 8 Social Reasons why China will not invade America-just yet.

USA Invasion, still not ready yet.

1. America has 300 Million guns that are registered, and probably more than that are unknown. America has Billions of Knives and Trillions of Sticks. Americans even the Truthers and the Government today would put aside their differences quickly and form a united offensive around a Chinese Invasion. This would of course leave a Bloodbath like never before in the history of the world, and an absolute Rothschilds Failure as China and their alliance would be forced to leave wasting Untold Rothschilds Trillions in a failed enterprise. If China fails in destroying America, then the Elite’s whole Global takeover plan is finished leaving the Rothschilds to the annals of history. The difference between America and China is that China wants to be the World's Leading Corporation, while America wants to be the World's leading imperial power. The New World Order can not allow America to rule the World, and America is the last obstacle to their agenda. The Chinese will willingly give up their National Sovereignty in order to become the World's Mega Corporation, while Americans would not give up their National Sovereignty to even Jesus if he asked them to. Jesus like the Antichrist wants all nations to give up their sovereignty- a God One World Government, but the stubborn America will not do it peacefully, so they will be forced to by calamity and the gun. Economic control is not enough for America anymore, they want to be the throne of the elite and the World Army of the Global Elite of the city of London forever.

2. American Men are not feminized and demoralized enough. Sure, there may be some Feminized punks and pussies, but America still has Real Men in the secular sense, Biblical Men, and Men that can be whipped into shape in a relatively quick time frame. American Men today are being demoralized to become groveling whores who serve the needs and agendas of Wannabe men who are agents of the Global Elite like Hitlery and Janet Napolitano. There’s still time left to save as many young men under 35 as possible, but with a Generation without fathers, or living with weak fathers it’s going to be hard. Essentially we are going to have to teach ourselves how to be men.

Future American Man if the Global Elite are allowed to continue their Male Feminization Program.

China Doesn't want to invade the Hornets Nest of America as long as men like these are around.

3. American Women must also be masculinized in order to give them a sense of unwarranted confidence, and bravado. This unwarranted confidence and bravado will give American Women a false sense of invincibility and independence in which they will try to fight the elite, but of course since they are still physically women- will be quickly smacked down “put in their place” and made into willing slaves of the elite. The Elite want willing slaves, and they plan to break women down from being subordinate to the average Joe and Family, to being subordinate to their Satanic will. They broke the man down to be groveling elitist shills, feminized punks, and boys, so now it’s the ladies’ turn.

If you leave it up to Women like Janet and the Rest of the Elite all Women except the Elite's Whores would have short cut hair, and wear baggy GUY JEANS (not MOM JEANS)- yuck. They want to be men so badly, but they can't pull it off, give it up. No Wonder why men need Viagra, when women do this to themselves male testosterone levels go down. Nice styling trend for your population control agenda, because sex and that- NOT. It's getting worse and worse by the year too. You see more women letting their Mustaches grow, Lifting weights, not wearing makeup, not acting lady like, women are even sagging their pants like dudes and even going as far as wearing boy cut jeans.

Real, but Classy women.

4. America needs to destroy it’s middle class so they won’t have enough money to protest domestically and abroad, buy weapons and procurements to survive a police state and future invasion (the Elite want population reduction- can’t have guys out in the woods hiding from them in Guerrilla Warfare), be dependent on voluntary military service to put food on the table, and be more dependent on Global Elite corporations to provide the services the government used to provide (America is becoming Libertarian with small Government- the elite will take advantage of this and use the corporations to replace the Government as Mommy and Daddy).

5. America needs to become a demoralizing police state where real men, truthers, minorities, and other opposition heroes are enslaved in Homeland Security Detention Facilities (Commonly referred to as FEMA Camps). Without these heroes on the street, America would quickly descend into a Homosexual coffee shop where women who are wannabe men and feminized men run the show. Those in FEMA camps are re-educated to become foot soldiers of the Global Elite’s agenda. As a Black man, Brother Free of the Subversive Newz Network knows how damaging this can be to a community, and we will explain this more in our Racial Brainwashing for Dummies Series.

6. China is a non-threatening nation who just wants to own global resources, and does not want to rock the boat. The Chinese unlike the Weimar Republic like American Neo-Libs and Neo-Cons are uninterested in Global conquest, and are more content with buying up global resources for pennies on the dollar. Like it or not, but China is Pre-Depression America in 1926, and America is Pre- Nazi Germany in 1926. Sorry Truthers, but America is the bad guys for World War III. Yes, China will have a Depression too, as China is dependent on America to survive, but Smart Chinese corporations with holdings in commodities will use this money to buy up as much as they can in the coming Global Depression. Like American Bankers aided by the Rothschilds financed Hitler, we see Chinese Bankers aided by the Rothschilds financing America’s Hitler for 2016.

7. America has a large number of Christians who believe in Biblical Prophecy, and in order to get people's eyes off of the ball the Elite plan on demoralizing the population with induced poverty, stress, and deteriorated social and psychological conditions so they will get so fed up that one day they will say "F--k God." If people fail to believe in the Bible they will fall into the New World Religions such as the Mother Earth Religion, which is essentially nothing more than a NWO Death Cult that teaches you are the enemy and a "Useless Eater" to the Planet so therefore you must die.

8. America has a large movement of people who know the Global Elite's Agenda who are called Truthers. Truthers are America's Largest Minority Group, with more than 60 Million individuals who come in all races, all classes, all regions, all political persuasions, and all religious backgrounds. Truthers fight each other, and constantly disagree with each other. America has the Global Elite contrived stereotype of truthers being "tin foil hatters" Pissed off White guys with guns and an attitude towards Minorities. This is far from the truth. In fact Truthers work everywhere, worship everywhere, go to school everywhere, are homeless, are movie stars, etc.. A lot of Truthers are Progressive, a lot of Truthers are Conservative. The Progressive Truthers hammered down on Bush, but still have a problem with Obama. The Conservative Truthers had a problem with Bush, but hammered down on Obama. There are also Religious Truthers who aren't into the idea of restoring the American Constitutional Republic as they know Bible Prophecy is set in stone, and the Global Elite are going to get far into their agenda anyway. However, Religious Truthers who believe in God's One World Government of 1000 years of peace are different from the Dominionists who seek to use the Bible for their Dog Eat Dog agenda, which serves the needs of the Global Elite. While Dominionists try to become President, CEOs, etc.. Religious Truthers are more concerned about the Societal needs of the people, and making the Lives of the Elite difficult through this transition. Some Truthers believe in the New Age Ideals and arent reality certain about anything that has been tainted by the Global elite including Religion. Simply put, the Truthers would have to be neutralized by the Global Elite before China invades.

If China invaded America tomorrow they would get their asses Whooped. America would become a trap and a quagmire to China, like Iraq was a trap and a quagmire for the US. If they wait another 15-20 years with the way the Global Elite are moving with their agenda then Americans= Chinese Slaves. The cold calculating Chinese are smart enough, and have 8000 years of wisdom which allows them to be patient enough for the right moment. America a well lived Toddler on the Global Stage, still is a Toddler, nonetheless. Like a Toddler, America has the attention span of a 3 year old, and of course will lose patience and do something careless= the end of America. The Global Elite will have to get at least 250 Million Registered Guns out of the hands of Americans (which is their agenda), create a jack boot police state that crushes and demoralizes the people, feminize American Men to the point of no return, Masculinize American Females to the point of no return and finance America and China like America and Germany were financed in the Second World War to carry out their agenda.

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