Thursday, December 29, 2011

How Obama is an Anti Black Racist Drug Warrior: Ron Paul "The Drug War is Racist."

The Drug War is Racist and we will burn America down until we get what we want. One of those many things that we want= the end of the Drug War. We voted for Obama because he was Black and since he was Black we thought would end the Drug War. This was foolish and childish of us, and in fact selfish.

We're not voting for Obama again, and neither should you vote for such Racist Drug Warriors. Yes, Obama is a Racist Drug Warrior against his people. We're not Ron Paul supporters as we feel the Global Elite's Anti Black/ Anti Everybody Drug and Societal agenda is so entrenched that it can't be solved by the voting booth. Blacks must stop supporting Obama because he is Black, and support what's right- A total mass strike against the Global Oligarchs that is so big it prevents all people from going to work or doing anything.

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