Saturday, October 29, 2011

Population Control: The Hidden Agenda of the Anti Hoarding Movement

Shows such as A&Es Hoarders, and Discovery Channel's Animal Hoarders spot out many bad hoarders and hiders of goods who abuse the principles of storage and preparation. However, there's a Hidden Agenda behind these shows- a Satanic one.

USA- As we move from the Era of Illumination and light to the Era of the Black Sun, many New Age Christians are helping God take care of future of Earth as they prepare for the fall of Society and the coming new age of the 1000 Years of Peace on Earth World Government. Much of this preparation requires that things must be secured for the survival of people, animal and plant life, and technology during the last 2 coming ages. The Elites population Control Schemes will go so far they will lose total control, and God's Earthly interventions as he enacts his judgment comes to fruition as prophesied in the Bible will mix with the fact that the Elite is about to bite off more than they can chew with their schemes to make the Revelation of John of Patmos come true.

1. The Age of the Black Sun is starting now, which will be characterized by a cadre of tyrannical world leaders (even in the US) who are going to bite off more they can chew with grandiose schemes and ideas to fix the coming world Depression, and implement a Police State as the truth about the real Global Agenda has been revealed to the masses. Much of the world will descend into a CCTV police state, where sin is even more rampant than today, iniquity is rife all over the place, and America is the Devil's Messiah.

This age will end with a Black sun and an Earthquake and Red Moon, and World War III and Global Famine that will kill nearly 3 Billion people. In fact, this age might begin with a Black Sun on Dec, 21 2012.

2. The Age of the Beast will come after the age of the Black Sun. This short age that will last 7 years will be characterized by a Global Police State where last remaining Christians who survived World War III and the fall of society during the ages of the Black Sun are hunted down as Terrorists and Criminals, because they totally refuse to take the Global Walking Credit card (RFID Chip) by a World Army where the number of troops will be well over 200 Million. The World Army will be created as a solution to World War III in order to prevent War and conflicting agendas from the Earth once and for all. This World Army will eventually gather in the valley of Megiddo in what is now Israel, to have 1 last battle to destroy the remaining Christians from Earth once and for all. Of course, God will destroy this world army.

The Global Elite are very adept of training the people to accept the unacceptable through Pavolvian Conditioning. They essentially train us like dogs to create a series of stimulus, in which the humans are conditioned to react to these stimuli in the manner the creator of these stimuli wants them to react. In Humans this is referred to as Classical Conditioning, and the elite creates this stimulus by using the Hegelian Dialectic- Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Simply put, The Real Agenda of the Shows Hoarders and Animal Hoarders is to train the public to be against anybody who is into preparation for the 1000 years of peace.

The shows Hoarders and Animal Hoarders are creating the problem, Society is now having a Reaction, and soon the Political Minion Class (puppets of the Elite) will come up with a solution in which Christians and various others who are good Hoarders become Criminals and are Policed.

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