Thursday, September 15, 2011

Racial Brainwashing for Dummies: Chapter #2 Part.1 Dehumanization- Blacks are being Blamed for the Recession.

USA- A very Simple Explanation of how the Elite used America's Racism as a Trojan horse against us using the Hegelian Dialectic process.

Reminder- the Hegelian Dialectic is a practice the elite uses to control society along their guided plan.


A. Create a Problem
B. The Problem causes a reaction from the people, and or policy makers to solve the problem.
C. Create a Solution to the Problem, which in all reality creates another unseen hidden problem for the future which brings society towards an even larger crisis years later.

Ok, it's this simple:

A. Problem- The Elite ran banks created systematic Racial discrimination Against Blacks via home, auto, and business loans by outright denials of loan applications. Since America is already a very Racist country, the elite knew there were many able and willing followers of such a program. Essentially, the Elite used America's Racism against us.

B. Reaction- The Black community as well as many progressives protested, advocated, and lobbied over this issue.

C. Solution- The Government responded by forcing the 2 Government Sponsored lending Enterprises (GSEs)- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make it easier for people especially Blacks who were denied service to have access to loans. In all reality, the Elite used this as a Trojan horse to collapse the economy by design through investing the proceeds of these loans into Credit Default Swaps, and various other derivative products to the tune of $1.5 Quadrillion Dollars ($1500 Trillion Dollars). This is a sum that of course will never be paid back. Therefore, all of the debts people fight about today are non-issues, because we're not going to be able to pay it back anyway. In fact, the Elitist bankers are holding America hostage to pay back our debts, not because they feel that we can pay them back. No, it's because they want to starve us "useless eaters" by cutting unemployment benefits, welfare, programs, and government/government subcontractor jobs to the point to where we Riot uncontrollably and have a Civil war over our Racial/Class/Political differences in about about 12-18 months from now. The Europeans are rioting over the benefit cuts International Elitist Bankers are demanding right now. With the way things are going it's inevitable in America, and it's not an if it will happen anymore, but it's a when it will happen now. That's why we here on Race Lies aren't trying to stop the inevitable, however we seek to provide you with the information to socially navigate through the world of the Second American Civil War and the time period afterwards and beyond. As a result of this crisis, the bankers will come in as the saviors with a new solution to the problem. This solution will of course create new problems that will be even worse than the problems of today in the far off future.

This is a pattern that has gone on throughout history, as these same rich oligarchs have financed the many sides in every other Civil War since the 1700s- including America's first Civil War.

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