Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lies of the Human Race: Humanity must evolve or die!!

Human evolution has been stopped because of a class of control freaks and sociopaths who are bent keeping you a slave to: social, emotional, intellectual, scientific, and ultimately population controls.

America is headed for a dark age, because the same sociopathic forces that once kept Europe in a dark age have now overran America, but under a new banner. You watch and figure out what it is.

We'll give you one prime example:

Look at car technology today. Car companies today make a big deal about their small cars being able to achieve 40 MPG, when in all reality just 30 years ago the small cars our fathers drove got a lot more than 40 MPG. Sure, small cars are a lot more powerful today, and they are a lot more comfortable with ever increasing numbers of small cars with amenities like leather and soft touch interiors, along with much more. Will the Koreans, Americans Japanese, and Germans allow for the Chinese who have the can do spirit Americans lost to come into the world market and trump the world establishment with 60 MPG, 80 MPG, or 100 MPG cars?

Only time will tell, but ultimately humanity must evolve today or fail tomorrow.

What do you think?

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